Saturday, July 3, 2010

Drizzle in LWR reminds me of SEA

This past week reminded me a lot of Seattle... A steady drizzle most of the day. And, I have to admit I enjoyed it.   It cools everything off and makes for great swimming, biking and running.  Not to mention being able to walk 4 minutes without sweating our ass off.

This morning Nicole and I had a 1:40 minute run and the weather did not disappoint. A overcast start with steady rain drops for the last hour.  It's so much easier to focus on hydration, running form and the task at hand when you are not worried if your skin is about to melt off.

Great job Jeanne, Sandi, Melissa and Suz! They braved the weather and had a great run! It's now time to rest up and prepare for a 3:15 bike and 40 minute run tomorrow. Gotta love it!


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