Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Newton Running- May wrap up


Newton Running | Colorado May Events!

Colorado Running Company had an excellent turn out for their first Newton Running Form Clinic and Demo Night!  CRC host a group run every Wednesday night at 6pm.
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Congrats to Winter Vinecki for her 4th Place finish at the Bolder Boulder on May 28th! More importantly, congrats on your continued efforts to fight prostate cancer.  Newton Running is a proud sponsor and supporter of Team Winter.

Newton Running was out at the Bolder Boulder handing out free socks to those rocking their Newtons!  We ran into one of Kompetitive Edge's super-star athletes and ambassador.
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Newton Running had the opportunity to teach a Form Clinic to the corporate staff of Boa Technology (Closure System).  Awesome group and company! 

Runners Roost- Lone Tree hosted a great group run demo night. Check out their group runs every Thursday night at 6pm.
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Great Group Demo Run Night at Boulder Running Company- Denver Tech Center!  BRC hosts a group run every Tuesday night at 6pm. 
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Thank you to all of our Colorado partner retailers for allowing us to be part of your May event schedule.  If you missed us in May, come check us out in June!
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Friday, May 4, 2012

St. Anthony's Race Report - Rell

Brian Rell and his brother-in-law, Travis.

St A's Post Race Report:

Up at 4am...foam rolled for 15-20min, had two packages of oatmeal, got bottles ready, picked up Travis (brother in law) at 5...ran over opposum on university (nasty...we laughed for 15 min as the damn thing turned around at the last 2nd..and splat), got to st pete and transition by 6. 

Set-up barely in time before they were kicking us out/closing the gate...waited awhile for potty...unloaded. Got to swim 15-20min early; got WS on..went in water for a few minutes.

Swim: started midpack...tried to take it real easy...kept HR low, swam slow but still found myself veering to the right and bordering w/occasional panic feeling...breast stroke more than I wanted throughout to regroup...water felt real choppy to me...was very glad to get out...wetsuit felt tight/shoulders sore...I know its lack of practice, not the wetsuit.

T1...a bit slow...bike was way at the end...WS took a little longer to take off than expected and I spent 20-30sec getting compression socks on...maybe I should have wore them under WS? who knows

Got on bike...rode real hard...probably 90%, full throttle as much as I could...ave 21.4...thought I was faster but w/all the turns/bumps/etc...I guess that's about right.

T2: ran slow to rack, tested legs..thought they were ok..grabbed a swig of h2o, then ran out...not as fast as I wanted but felt ok...

Run: Legs were HEAVY!@! .75 miles in...Hams cramped severely...stopped, stretched, and started again...1.25...cramped again...stretched on top of the bridge, started again...and felt better and better. Thought I was running 8:21 for the last 3+ miles but according to my posted time the 2nd split was 8:59...not sure why I was off so much...

Time: 2:44:08....not great...but really, that was my first Olympic Tri believe it or not so I now have something to beat next year. 

Hindsight...I realized I only had 2 Oatmeal packages 3+ hours before my race...I definitely did not have enough calories pre-race. Had 3 gels and 1 1/2 bottles of heed on the bike...felt right, felt good on the bike. The run, who knows, popped two salts in t2...probably should have popped them 1/2 hour before run but I forgot...actually didn't forget...when I looked in my little bike bag...I hadn't put them in there!

Up next for Brian..... Ironman Mont Tremblant, Canada in August!!!

Galveston Island 70.3 Race Report - Suz

Walking along the Pier

Finish Line shot

Leading up to Galveston 70.3 I was very excited. I also was nervous about some conditions that might present on race day. Namely the possible wind, heat and rough water. I was encouraged (ordered) by my coach to not stress the uncontrollable and just have fun. 
Race morning madness
As per my usual I didn’t sleep much the days before the race. Nerves and excitement get the best of me. On race morning I did feel rested and ready. I was the first of our group of racers to go off.  The walk to the pier was further than I thought so by the time I got there my wave was in the water. I had just enough time to jump in, find a spot and set my watch before it was “go time.” I had no time to fret and as I began swimming I felt the crush of bodies. The first 5 minutes or so I was grabbed, dunked and was grabbing and dunking back. I felt this push on my shoulder that was strong enough to make me stop and look up. This woman pointed to me and yelled “you grab my leg one more time and I’m going to punch you in the head!” I couldn’t believe this grown ass woman was threatening me! I mumbled some sort of apology and kept on swimming. I have to say that my swim time didn’t reflect how okay I felt in the water. I felt like I swam straight (although my Garmin told me different) and I didn’t feel spent coming out of the water. 
That wetsuit wouldn't go over than damn Garmin!

My first hiccup of the day was getting my wet suit off. These two adorable girls that were no bigger than a minute tried for what seemed like forever to strip it off but it was caught on my watch! Finally after a group effort my wet suit came off and I was off to T1.
After a smooth transition I was on the bike. Galveston is an out and back along the coast. The view is pretty but exactly the same. Mind numbingly the same. The wind on the way out was intense. Mentally I struggled with how slow my speed was. Physically I was uncomfortable. My hope was that on the way back I could make up some time and get in some sort of grove.  When the turn around came I did feel a bit of a tail wind. My speed improved, slightly. The view was the same, again. 
Happy to be coming into T2
Trying to yell something at Nick :)
When I pulled into transition I was really happy to be off the bike! That was the longest to date I have ever been on a bike!  My legs weren’t happy.
The run was so incredibly well supported! The three-loop course was packed with people. The upside of that was all the cheering and distractions. The down side was half way through the first lap I need to throw up but I couldn’t find a single place that was private! I saw my peeps several times during the race and that always helps. With a three-loop course I was able to see my fellow racers as well. 
Post Race!
Having too much fun in NOLA...found a new friend!
After the race we all were able to hang out by the pool and enjoy a beer. We were in for a long ride back to Sarasota but our overnight stop in NOLA made a tough race worth it….almost