Monday, April 25, 2011

Athlete Profile- Susan Meyers

Age Group: 

2011 Endurance goals:
Space Coast Half Marathon, sub-1:50
Savannah Half/Full Marathon

Why did you choose this sport?
When I was about 27, I made a list of 30 things to do before turning 30.  One of those things was running a marathon.  I ran Disney in 2004 using the Galloway method and was hooked. 

Most enjoyable part of your sport?
The post-run food.  ;). Feeling of accomplishment.  Time not as "jack and brooke's mom"

Greatest accomplishment so far?
Probably NYC less than 11 months after having a baby.  At the time, it was a PR.

Favorite gadget?
My iPod

Favorite post-race meal?
Chocolate milk.  After a few hours, burger and fries.

Dream race?

Boston. But only if I qualify. 

Susan is one of CETs rockstar runners who has multiple PRs this year and will continue to impress in 2011!

Great Weekend in Clermont!

Thanks to all of our athletes who came up to Clermont!  We appreciate all of your hard work and effort.
I think I speak for everyone when I say that the 2 mile Swim Across Minneola was awesome!  Despite everyone having some sort of fear (distance, cramps, drowning, gators, snakes, etc.), we all came out the other side with a great feeling of accomplishment.  An event I definitely recommend to all next year!

The ride in the Clermont hills was fantastic as usual.  The team really showed some serious strength and endurance.  Clermont challenges you in many ways.  It will test your fitness, bike skills, fueling, mental toughness, desire, motivation, and overall ability as a triathlete.  You guys rocked it and hopefully learned some things from it.  Stay tuned for next months trip!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Want to Run More Efficient? Be Patient and Practice!

We all want to improve our running form.  Well, I should say most want to improve their running form.  For those of you who do, be patient and practice.  Simple right?  Only those who show patience and practice proper form, will come out the other side as a more efficient runner.

What does that mean, a more efficient runner? Why is it so important to improve running biomechanics?  Simple, you have a better chance of getting injured running every other day than you do strength training every other day.  Yes, you have a better chance of getting injured putting one foot in front of the other than you do throwing weights around.  Or playing tennis, baseball or golf for that matter.  Doesn't seem right, does it?  

Be patient.  Becoming successful at anything does not happen over night.  Through perseverance and dedication comes success.  Each training session should be goal oriented.  Focus on the key components you need to work on to improve.  For example,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Athlete Profile- Corey McClelland

Age Group: 

2011 Endurance goals:
I'd like to go sub 11 hours at Ironman Arizona.   

Why did you choose this sport?
I'd been cycling for several years and had made several attempts at running when my brother convinced me that triathlon was the way to go.   It gave me goals to plan around and that really helped me stay focussed on my training.

Most enjoyable part of your sport?
I never get bored with it.  If I start getting tired of running, I focus more on the bike or the swim.  There's always something to work on that you haven't done in a while.

Greatest accomplishment so far?
My first sprint triathlon at Siesta Beach.  These days that distance is less than a normal training day, but back then it was a real milestone moving from just talking about it to doing it.

Favorite gadget?
My computrainer.  It really showed me that I wasn't pushing hard enough on the bike.  I'd highly recommend one to anyone that wants to seriously improve their bike times. 

Favorite post-race meal?
Lasagna.   Unsurprisingly, this is also my favorite pre-race meal!

Dream race?
Who doesn't want to race Kona someday?  That's a challenge I'm looking forward to! 

Corey has been with Clark Endurance since July of 2010 and is currently training for Ironman 70.3 Florida and Ironman Arizona.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Running Clinic

Thanks to all of you who showed up to the Running Clinic Wednesday night. I hope you took away some key points to help you with your running form. Remember, changing our running form to more natural and efficient takes time. Stay focused when you are out there and slowly you will start to feel the changes in your form. You are well on your way to running faster and more efficient!

Links to running analysis videos:

Susan Meyers (Bieber)

Lucy Hense

Corey McClelland

Mary Rodriguez

Susan Farhat

Sandi Taylor

Melissa Hirstein

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Natural Running Clinic

Time to kick your old running habits and start running efficiently and effectively.   Learn how to run without pain/injuries, faster and with less effort than ever before.  We will be going over drills to help you focus on your natural running form.  This is a training session you do not want to miss.

When: Wednesday, April 6th, 6PM
Where: Lakewood Ranch High School