Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quick Tips for Hydration (notes from Ryder Bikes Clinic)

Factors Influencing Hydration:

  • Physiological Factors (height, weight, gender, body composition)
  • Exercise Duration (sprint triathlon vs. half/full-iron distance)
  • Exercise Intensity (Heart Rate %, Speed)
  • Fitness level (beginner vs. seasoned athlete)
  • Environment (humidity, temp, dew point temp, heat)
  • Sweat rate (know how much fluid you are losing)
Fluid Strategies:  
  • Have a Plan.  Carry a bottle with you all day, everyday. 
  • Drink 80-100 oz per day.  Adding an electrolyte mix or tablet will also help with hydration.
  • Know your Sweat rate.  1-2% of total body weight loss = Can start dehydration process. 
  • Start your run hydrated.  Consume at least 16-20oz of fluid an hour before your run.
  • Drink early and often in your run.
  • Try different sports/electrolyte drinks.  Practice with what the specific event will have available (Hammer, Ironman Perform, GU Brew, etc).

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