Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sandi Taylor - Space Coast Half Race Report

I was very excited and really looking forward to it when I signed up for the race. The fact that it was the 40th anniversary of the race was very cool.  Mary checked out places for us to stay ahead of time, so we were excited to stay close to the beach. Expo was at a great location but did not have a lot of vendors there or enough merchandise but it was fun to experience the Space Coast with our running group. 

Before the race I was scared to hurt my ankle. My minor set back (Nicole's words) and not running for 3 weeks before race day was a first for me. But running 3 miles two days in a row before the race gave me confidence that I had built a foundation to be able to finish the race.

During the race about half way my Achilles tightened up and I ran through it, the discomfort went away. Mind over matter I guess just grateful to finish the race. Not my best, but I did not expect to race my best. 
My favorite part was hanging out with Nicole before the race, pre-race dinner with our running group, my parents there to cheer me on for the very first time and the food at the Atlantic seafood place.
Great work, Sandi!  Next stop..... Rock & Roll St. Pete Half, Sarasota Half and potential marathon plans in the future!!

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