Thursday, April 14, 2011

Athlete Profile- Corey McClelland

Age Group: 

2011 Endurance goals:
I'd like to go sub 11 hours at Ironman Arizona.   

Why did you choose this sport?
I'd been cycling for several years and had made several attempts at running when my brother convinced me that triathlon was the way to go.   It gave me goals to plan around and that really helped me stay focussed on my training.

Most enjoyable part of your sport?
I never get bored with it.  If I start getting tired of running, I focus more on the bike or the swim.  There's always something to work on that you haven't done in a while.

Greatest accomplishment so far?
My first sprint triathlon at Siesta Beach.  These days that distance is less than a normal training day, but back then it was a real milestone moving from just talking about it to doing it.

Favorite gadget?
My computrainer.  It really showed me that I wasn't pushing hard enough on the bike.  I'd highly recommend one to anyone that wants to seriously improve their bike times. 

Favorite post-race meal?
Lasagna.   Unsurprisingly, this is also my favorite pre-race meal!

Dream race?
Who doesn't want to race Kona someday?  That's a challenge I'm looking forward to! 

Corey has been with Clark Endurance since July of 2010 and is currently training for Ironman 70.3 Florida and Ironman Arizona.

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