Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Athlete Profile- Sandi Taylor

Age Group: 

2011 Endurance goals:
Continue to improve my cadence and learn to swim on top of the water with grace.

Why did you choose this sport?
Being a spectator watching all the people swim, bike and run inspired me to train for my first 1/2 marathon.

Most enjoyable part of your sport?

Camaraderie with all the other runners.

Greatest accomplishment so far?

sub 2 half marathon

Favorite gadget?

Foot pod- lets me know every mile I have accomplished.

Favorite post-race meal?
3 B's- bagel, banana and beer

Dream race?

Wow good question. Southwest Florida is really hard to beat. I would have to pick Hawaii.

Running has changed Sandi's life.  She has gone from a 5K finisher to a rockstar 'Sub2 half-marathoner.'  She continues to impress with her move into duathlon events, and with the addition of a new Trek Madone and an already stellar run- she will be dominating in no time! Keep up the good work Sandi!

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